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5-Axis Pocketing with Undercut Walls

11/5/20 6:00 AM / by camInstructor Mike

Undercut features can be very difficult to toolpath, Mastercam MultiAxis toolpaths make it easy.

Lets hop into Day 3 of Ron Week!

Todays video Ron takes us back into roughing, this time with a MultiAxis toolpath, the newly renamed Mastercam MultiAxis Pocket. In versions prior to Mastercam 2021 this was call MultiAxis Roughing.  

Before hopping into roughing, a Stock Model is created. This serves several purposes. Not only an in process check but it can also be used in simulation to skip over the previously proved out operations. 

The roughing is being done on the two side pockets of this part. The pockets are similar, the main difference is the one pockets has walls which angle out, the other has walls which angle in. These angled in walls will create an undercut feature which is difficult to cut without a MultiAxis toolpath. The floor of these pockets is convex as well, again leading towards the need for a MultiAxis toolpath. 

The MultiAxis Pocket toolpath works great for features like and can also use Accelerated Finishing tools. 

Last toolpath for this video is the MultiAxis Parallel toolpath again. This time it is being used to finish a non flat face, the floor of these pockets. 

As you may have noticed in the previous videos, there is more than just Mastercam toolpath wisdom in these. Hope you are all enjoying Ron Week so far, there is only 1 day left!


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camInstructor Mike

Written by camInstructor Mike

camInstructor Mike is Mike Wearne, an avid machinist, cnc programmer and overall connoisseur of all things machining. Mike is one of camInstructor's resident cad/cam/cnc experts and works part time at his local college teaching aspiring machinists how to program CNC Machines of all types.

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