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Expert Level Mastercam OptiRough Tips

11/3/20 6:00 AM / by camInstructor Mike

Expert Level Mastercam OptiRough Tips from Ron Branch on Day 1 of 'RON WEEK'!

Here is the first part in a series I'm going to call Ron Week! Discovery Channel has Shark Week, we have Ron Week! :)

The part walkthrough provided by Ron, there is a lot to take in. Too much for one sitting so I decided to break the full video into 4 parts. I also didn't want this series to stretch out over a month so a new video everyday for 4 days...close enough to a week right?

Here in the first video Ron is taking us through roughing this part using Mastercams OptiRough toolpath...but as some may notice his interface looks much different than the standard Mastercam interface looks for the rest of us. Many who got used to the X style interface prefer that layout, and as you can see you can customize the interface to almost duplicate that look. 

On to the roughing, probably best to leave the talking to the video as typing an explanation will be a bit tricky, basically we are looking at the difference in the resulting toolpath between a complex model and one whos non toolpath affecting features have been suppressed. This does take some time to edit the new model but as you will see it is time well spent. The file does start with a Stock Model and Ron discusses the benefits of and progress that has been made with Stock Models in Mastercam.

As promised in the video, here are the Mastercam files for you to check out. The first will be Ron's file complete with models and toolpaths. The second will have the featureless model removed and toolpath settings can use this file for experimenting while keeping the original file good for reference. As the week progresses, new post will have new files to review.


Ron's sample file...

File for testing...



Here is a link to Ron's website...

5th Axis CG Inc.


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camInstructor Mike

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