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New in Mastercam 2019 - Lathe Cross Center Turning

10/16/18 8:00 PM / by camInstructor Mike

Having a look at the improved Cross Center Turning feature in Mastercam Lathe 2019.

Lathe-Cross Center Turning


Cross Center Turning in Mastercam Lathe 2019.  When you select a tool or turret that is across the centerline from the chained geometry, Mastercam reverses the spindle direction of the operation. Earlier versions of Mastercam required you to artificially mount the tool in the opposite turret. This is no longer necessary.

Mastercam also includes new validation routines that prevent you from creating a cross-centerline toolpath in situations where it does not make sense, such as for a pinch-turning toolpath.

For more information on learning Mastercam check out the Learn Mastercam page in our Resource section.


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camInstructor Mike

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