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Mastercam 2021 is a Drag!

6/19/20 8:00 AM / by camInstructor Mike

Continuing our look at some of the new features in Mastercam 2021, some are a real drag!

The ability to drag your cursor inside of a function in Mastercam has been around for a little while now in the Divide. With this you can left click and hold, then move your mouse to the geometry that you wanted to perform the Divide on. I've always thought this was a pretty slick function and obviously others do to because it's been incorporated into some other editing functions.

New for Mastercam 2021, this dragging ability has been added to Fillet, Chamfer and Trim Entities 1, 2, and 3. This should greatly increase your work flow speed and reduce your mouse clicks!

Fillet will work for both external and internal fillets. Simply left click and hold, then drag over the two entities you want to apply the fillet to.

Chamfer works exactly the same as fillet, left click and hold, then drag over the two entities you want to apply the chamfer to. This too works for external and internal chamfers. 

Trim 1, drag across what would be the line to trim, then drag across the line to trim to.

Trim 2, drag across the sections of the two lines you want to keep.

Trim 3, drag across side, side, then topping line.


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camInstructor Mike

Written by camInstructor Mike

camInstructor Mike is Mike Wearne, an avid machinist, cnc programmer and overall connoisseur of all things machining. Mike is one of camInstructor's resident cad/cam/cnc experts and works part time at his local college teaching aspiring machinists how to program CNC Machines of all types.

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