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Module Works Help in Mastercam

6/26/20 9:00 AM / by camInstructor Mike

The Module Works End User Help file is your best friend when doing Multi Axis work in Mastercam, do you have it yet? Links to download in the post!

As many know, there are several ModuleWorks toolpaths inside of Mastercam. These toolpaths still have information in the Help files about their settings but did you know there is more information out there about them?

ModuleWorks has what is called the End User Documentation. This file has been hard to come by in recent years. Someone would post a link to it on a website, but that link would go bad a couple months after. Even though Mastercam now has a download link on the website for 2020, I've decided to make a spot as well....if not for everyone else then for me so I can remember where to find it :) 

This document is very useful as it does provide extra information beyond what is found in the Mastercam help files for each of the toolpaths settings. There is some information on toolpaths that are not in Mastercam as well, so be sure to skip over that info. 

Few things about the help file...

The download of the file is rather large, 1.4GB.

You may need to 'unlock' once downloaded. To unlock, download the file, then right click on the file name in Windows Explorer and select Properties. Then click the Unblock box found on the General Tab. If there is no Unblock box, you're good to go. Click Ok to close the properties menu. Now, double click the file to launch it.

In the video I mentioned I had a 2018 version, I have found a 2019 version which I will link as the big file. I will also link the smaller 2017 version. 


2019 ModuleWorks Help File - 1.4GB

2017 ModuleWorks Help File - 0.6GB



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camInstructor Mike

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