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OptiRough using Stock aka OptiRest | Xometry Mill Test Part - Video 4

8/4/21 7:00 AM / by camInstructor Mike

Using Mastercams OptiRough Toolpath with a Stock Model to create the best roughing motion for this part.

Link to download the CNC Mill Test Part Package...

OptiRough is Mastercams 3D roughing strategy that utilizes their Dynamic Motion Technology. We have several video out already covering this strategy quite in depth, so check those videos out for more info. The 3D version allows us to step down or step up a 3D part and still use this motion for material removeal.

In this video I cover the difference between using stock (OptiRest) and not using stock (OptiRough) and how the Toolpath Containment interacts with this stock setting. I find giving the toolpath a stock model to work with takes a lot of guess work out of the containment boundary and typically is my go to method when using this toolpath. Of course, you don't have to use stock, just be aware of what information you are giving the toolpath about where material exists to be cut.

Beyond these stock settings, the main difference between OptiRough and Dynamic Mill is OptiRoughs ability to step up or down on a 3D shape. The strategy you use here depends on the tool you are using. An solid endmill, maybe its better to do a large step down combined with small step ups. A high feed cutter, maybe using just straight step downs is the best option. 

 Next up on our cut, limit its depth. Since we are holding the part in a vise and we don't want to cut into the vise, we need a way to limit how deep the toolpath cuts. 

Also in this video, some discussion on Arc Filtering and Tolerance, as well as toolpath optimization for cycle time.


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camInstructor Mike

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