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Xometry Mill Test Part - Overview

7/25/21 3:29 PM / by camInstructor Mike

Programming the Xometry CNC Mill Test Part, start to finish, in this video series. This first video provides an overview of the starting files.

Link to download the CNC Mill Test Part Package... 

To start this video series off, I review the files you receive in the Xometry CNC Mill Test Part package. You are given5 files, 1 instruction PDF, 2 drawings in different formats, and 2 solid models in different formats.

The 2 solid models are exactly the same even though they are different types of solids. The first is a SLDPRT file, which is a model that is native to SolidWorks. Obviously, this will open with the SolidWorks program but your CAM or CAD software may not be able to open it unless a translator is included. Mastercam does include a translator so this is not an issue for us. The second solid is a STEP file. This is a more generic file type in that it is not directly associated to any one CAM or CAD software. Most any software should be able to open this file. When working with your customer, make sure you are able to use the solid models that they provide to you and request different files if those you are given do not work for your software.

The 2 prints, sort of the same thing here. The one is a SLDPRT which is a print generated in SolidWorks, and yes it will open with SolidWorks however there are some free viewers which you can use to open these, such as Edrawings. The pdf, it is the same print, just in pdf form. There are many free pdf viewers available. As noted in the video, I did find a few differences between the two drawings, this is something you need to bring to the attention of your customer before starting your machining...this will avoid many problems.

In the next videos, we will get into the machining/programming of this part and specifically the programming techniques required to make hitting tight tolerance dimensions. Stay tuned!


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