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The Different Backplot Interfaces in Mastercam

12/5/18 5:00 AM / by camInstructor Mike

Did you know there are 2 different interfaces for Backplotting your toolpaths in Mastercam?

There are two different interfaces for Backplot in Mastercam. It's basically a choice between the old way, which we will call Classic, and the new style, which will just call New.

You can only access the Classic interface with a setting change in the Advanced Configuration menu. If Classic is not enabled here, there is no way to use the Classic interface. Advanced Configuration can be found in the Mastercam install folder...the easiest way to launch it, click the Windows Start button and then start typing 'Advanced Configuration'. The program should pop up as an option, click on it to launch.  

Once launched, look for on option in the left menu called Backplot. Click on it. You'll then see an option on the left side, a pulldown menu giving the choice to Enable or Disable Classic Backplot. Set this to Enable. With it Enabled, you at least now have the option on which interface you want to use. 

With Classic enabled, when you click the Backplot icon in the Toolpath manager, backplotting will start directly in the graphics screen. If Classic is disabled, clicking the Backplot icon will launch the new simulator interface in the Backplot mode. If you have Classic enabled, you can still access Backplot in the new interface by first launching into a verify (which will open the new simulator interface) and then switching to the Backplot mode.

Personally, I find that the Classic backplot will launch a bit quicker and this is why I prefer to have it Enabled. You can still get into the new interface if needed. At least with it setup in this manner you can easily decide on which option you want to use.


Note: To add to this post, starting in Mastercam 2020, the backplot option was removed from the Advanced Configuration menu. It is now the default behavior in Mastercam. Clicking the Backplot icon in the Toolpath Manager will launch in the Classic mode. To access Backplot in the new interface, you must click on Verify in the Toolpath Manager and then switch to Backplot when the program opens.


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