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Mastercam Entity Selection

1/9/19 6:00 AM / by camInstructor Mike

This video discusses Entity Selection in Mastercam along with some options to help speed up the selection process.

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Selection of Entities inside of Mastercam is a very common task. There are many options to make selection easier and faster. In this video we have a look at some of those options.

The most basic of selection methods is to simply click on the desired entity. This is a pretty straight forward method but if you encounter many objects that need to be selected, this may not be your best choice.

If all the objects you want to select are part of a chain, holding down the SHIFT key and choosing any entity in the chain will result in all being selected.

If you only want a partial selection of an entire chain, you can use the method above to select all, then again while holding down the SHIFT key click on the last entity in your desired chain. Now, only the portion of the chain clicked on will be selected....keep in mind when you click on the first entity with this method that Mastercam will base the direction of travel for the chain selection on which half of the first entity you selected.

Window selection is a quick way to select everything inside of a selection area.

To expand on the Window selection method, you can use the In, Out, In+, Out+, and Intersect options. 

In -  Selects only entities that lie completely inside the window.
Out - Selects only entities that lie completely outside the window.
In+ - Selects entities that lie completely inside and entities that intersect the window.
Out+ - Selects entities that lie completely outside and entities that intersect the window.
Intersect - Selects only entities that intersect the window.
There are many other selection options on the Selection Bar, too many to cover in a single posting. Once more postings on this topic are created, links will be added to this post. 


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