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Mastercam Dynamic Milling - Chaining Part 2

4/3/19 6:00 AM / by camInstructor Mike

This is video two of five on chaining in Mastercams Highspeed Dynamic Toolpaths. This is taken from our online Highspeed Toolpath course which covers all aspects of the 2D Highspeed Toolpaths.

2D HighSpeed Chaining Part 2

This video dives deep into the Avoidance, Air, and Containment Regions as well as the use of Entry Chains in Mastercams 2D Highspeed Toolpaths.

This video is part of a course we offer covering the 2D HighSpeed toolpaths in their entirety.  The course covers evertything from chaining, all of the toolpath types and their use, toolpath filtering, stock settings, speeds and feeds, and there are many exercise files as well so you can test out your newly learnt skills.

This first group of videos we've released into the blog cover chaining. The chaining used in the highspeed toolpaths differ from those used in the conventional toolpaths. Here, you need to define different areas of the toolpath. Once done correctly, the toolpaths themselves will figure out the cutting area. With some of this interpretation left to the software, you can see it is very important we define our area correctly. Once you've completed this video series, you can be confident in your chaining abilities to tackle any part thrown at you.

To continue on with this video series, here is a link to the second video in the chaining section of this course...

2D Highspeed Chaining Part 3


If you missed the first video in this series, you should have a look it before continuing on with the rest. Here is a link to it...

2D Highspeed Chaining Part 1


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